Collaborators: Felix McCormack

Location: Argal Home Farm, Mabe, Cornwall

This was a joint project with Felix McCormack for Yallah coffee. Yallah coffee is a wonderful business just across the lake from our workshops, they source single origin coffee from around the world and roast it on site.

The Mezzanine we designed and built was to add addition storage underneath and to provide a training area/office on the upper level. The aesthetic is simple and exposed, reflecting its use and location. letting the structure create visual intrigue whilst letting the small amount of natural light pass through.

We work with local steel manufactures to make strong custom brackets to piece together the structure and provide anchor points for the cable triangulation. The cables hold the whole structure true and prevent racking.

We also worked with a local saw mill to source 100% Cornish/Devon Douglas fir for the structure and stair case.