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Coppice with standards lamp


This lamp is made form various timbers that would traditionally be grown in a mixed coppice, again this a testament to type of woodland management I feel very passionate about and feel should be in public domain.

BASE: The base of the lamps is made from Cornish holly, an extremely dense and heavy wood it makes the perfect solid base for the lamps.

LAMP ARM: The shade is held in a natural fork found in a piece of coppiced hazel, the minimal working of the timber is something that really appeals to me, if the branch naturally has a shape that is useful, use it!

SHADE: The main shade is made from green Sycamore with extremely thin walls, this allows the wood to dry at an even rate, causing distortions in form rather than cracks. this also allows the light to permeate through the timber, giving a warm glow to the shade.


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